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Are You Making These "Summertime Mistakes" With Your Company's Server?

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How to Ensure the Heat Doesn't Fry Your Server - and Your Data!

With the "dog days" of summer upon use, many business owneres are looking for ways to keep their company's sales and profits HOT, while keeping ther IT expenses COOL.  But if proper attention is not given to your server and network equipment during the summer, all that heat outside can actually cause serious damage to your server, causing your system to crash and burn - literally! 

Excess heat IS a big problem for all comuter equipment including laptops and PCs.  But since your server is carrying the load, overheating will cost you more in electric bills and problems.  And once a server gets too hot and blows out, it weakens components so that they are nmore susceptible to failure forever afterward, not just during the particular moment they overheated.

9 Steps Every Business Owner Must Know to Prevent a Server Crash

Here are a few simple things you can do to prevent your server and network equipment from overheating and crashing this summer:

  • Tidy up the server room; a neater room will increase air flow.
  • If you have more than one server, arrange them in a row so that cold air comes from the front and is expelled out the back.
  • Keep the doors to the server room closed and seal off the space to prevent dust buildup which can contribute to electronic equipment overheating.
  • Make sure cold air reaches all the equipment.
  • Have a redundant A/C that is specifically designed for computers.
  • Buy a rack enclosure where the cooling is built into the bottom of the rack.
  • Keep the temperature at no more than 77 degrees.
  • Invest in a temperature monitoring system that will send you an email alert in the event that the temperature in your server room rises to unacceptable levels.
  • Use blanking panels over any empty spaces on your server rack.
  • Consider virtualization so you are generating a lower amount of heat in the first place.
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