Special Projects

April 2008

Impression 5 Science Center - Lansing, MI

The Problem:
Impression 5 Science Center wanted to have a better way to entertain overnight groups that include schools, girl scouts and boy scouts. In the past they would roll out a large television set and other equipment on a rolling cart. This was difficult to set up and took a lot of time to get working each time that they wanted to use the system.

The Solution:
We installed a 120” remote-controlled 16:9 projection screen and a DLP projector.  The projector accommodates inputs from a laptop computer and DVD player while the receiver accommodates satellite radio and an iPod.  An Onkyo 5.1 surround sound, home theater system and DVD player provide the “theater-like” experience in the lobby area of the Science Center.  This is used for showing movies to overnight guests and presentation capabilities for guest speakers.  At other times, the system can be used to provide a little (or a lot of) background music.

“At our first overnight event after the installation, the kids settled in and we lowered the screen via remote control. The “OH WOW” response from the kids was really great. The sound from the system is awesome and all of the staff is excited about the new theater!”

- Erik Larson, Executive Director
Impression 5 Science Center, Lansing, Michiga

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